LadBible launched its UOKM8 platform in a bid to normalise the conversation around mental health. 

The platform was a space to educate and inform young men on the frequent number of male suicides and their link to mental health. 

We made a short social film demystifying any misconceptions that men don’t talk about their emotions, illustrate how we use our Swim Dem Crew as a space to encourage and foster conversation. 

The ‘Everyday Hero’s’ video series generated a total of 4.9 million views, reached over 11 million people and picked up a few awards along the way. 

Role: Creative

Client: Lad Bible 

Agency: Freelance 

Director: Mollie Mills 


2017 - The Drum DADI Awards - Use Of Social Media 

2017 - The Drum Social Purpose Awards - Campaign Of The Year ( not for profit ) 

2017 - The Webby Awards - Social | Best Video Series 


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